Monday, October 6, 2008

And the birthday love just keeps coming!

So I just got a delivery! Dave sent me flowers! They are so beautiful and such a precious surprise. I love my husband! He treats me so special each day, but he knows what a sap I am on my birthday and goes the extra mile :)

So Loved...

Yesterday, we all (Dave, Joy, Sara, and Andrew)went out after church to Michael Deans for the best brunch ever! There is an omelet bar, a pancake and waffle bar and a million other amazing things to choose from! Joy is so sweet and got me the beginnings of an art project we're going to do together!

After one of the worst night's sleep of my married life...the dawn of my birthday could have been a bleak one... Except I have the best family and best friends anyone could ask for!!! Dave had a sweet card laying on my bed after I got out of the shower... Not to mention the gifts from my mom and Shell and from Dave's mom that had been tantalizing me all weekend sitting on the dining room table. And now I could open them all!

I got 3 gorgeous shirts and earrings and a necklace! And a book about Elizabeth Darcy... And as much as I love new stuff... and I do :) I really just loved opening gifts from people who love me and know me so well! Everything fits beautifully and is just so me!

So then I head into work to a desk covered in confetti and streamers hanging from the doorway! My boss is so good to me!

Leigh and Sara both brought me such personal and sweet gifts... again, God has given me such special friends! Not to mention phone calls and messages from Jaime and Tim and Jenny... It's just been a good day so far! And it's only 9 a.m.!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remember us?

While I'm at it I thought I'd go ahead and put up the few pictures that we took of ourself in the last week. That way you can all be reminded of how adorable we are. Ok, that might be pushing it, but I'll share nonetheless...

Dave says goodbye to an old friend...

As Dave dashed down to the car early this past Saturday morning he was surprised by the crispness of the morning. There was dew on the windshield of his car and the smell of fall was in the air. With the 68 degree weather, he couldn't help but be reminded of a Christmas day in Florida... Just that morning he had slipped on flip-flops and thought that the weather called for something a little less summery. So he opened his car door to grab his favorite pair of shoes for the fall. That's when he discovered something terrible. His Crocks, which he had left in his car for the past several hot months, were not at all as he had left them... One fit comfortably on his foot as it always had and the other... well, the other... the other had shrunken to pigmy size and wouldn't even fit over his toes! Needless to say... Dave needs a new pair of fall shoes...and if there's a one legged pigmy running around do we have a shoe for you!

Because we can!

Well, Dave and i finally ordered a charger for our camera. So we have a renewed desire to actually commemorate our lives. We have had a really busy semester so far, but we're still having some fun. This last week we worked on our bedroom furniture by replacing the hardware and the mirror. Here's a before and after... I'm pretty proud :)



Friday, August 1, 2008

Ranes Wedding Memories

So two blogs in one's getting scary, right? Well, this one is for Dave. He had a really special weekend with his best friend Zak a few weeks ago. Zak and Shannon, good friends of Dave's got married on the 19th of July (almost a year to the day of our wedding). The wedding was an awesome time to reconnect with old friends and really just celebrate what God has done in these lives. Dave cried when he gave his best man toast at the reception...I sure wish I has a picture of that! I've created a monster! He's now in touch with his emotions, thanks to me, and there's no turning back!!!


So now that I have Facebook I have basically abandoned my blog... I know, anyone reading this is ashamed of me. But the reality is, that this is a pain in the butt to me know that I have experienced the ease of Facebook...Oh, well, here's some pictures of our trip to Florida 2 weeks ago just to keep this sad little blog hanging on for dear life. By the way, can I just say that I REALLY am dying to spend money on myself. I mean, clothes, shoes, jewelry. It's not pretty... and it's tax free weekend! Oh the temptation!